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FAQ Answers

Bride and BridesmaidIs there a time limit for our photographic service on your wedding day? 
In a nutshell, no. We will arrange the coverage that you desire and if your wedding or reception runs over the original time limit, TriDuo will not abandon you! We are there to preserve your moments and the last thing you need to worry about is us packing up and leaving.

Do you use an assistant? 
Although the bride and groom are at the center of the universe on this special day, your wedding is happening all around you. One photographer can not possibly capture all the moments revolving around the bride and groom. Our second photographers captures these moments. So, to answer the question, we do not use an assistant, rather two equally skilled photographers.

My bride to be would prefer a female photographer as she prepares for the ceremony. Can that be arranged?
Rest assured, this is a common concern. The TriDuo photography team will include a female photographer. There are many intimate moments before the ceremony with the bride and her party where the moments are best captured by another female.

Do you work in color or black & white?
TriDuo photography has been shooting digital since 1999. We have evolved with digital imaging techniques and can therefore provide our clients with an unparalleled range of visual formats including sepia tone, black and white, special filtering techniques and, of course, vivid color. 

Why do you shoot digital?
Capturing an image digitally today allows enormous flexibility over the tonal range and exposure of the image. With film, the photographer was at the mercy of the photo lab to manage the developing process to arrive at the desired results. With digital, our staff has direct control over the image and can selectively bring out shadow detail or cool off highlights in the same image.

Groom and BestmanWhat is the difference between traditional or photojournalism style? 
First, there is a fine line between photography styles at the actual wedding. Your wedding is a collection of moments that includes posed formal shots, as well as, all of the other precious moments happening around you. Our experience as action photographers allows us to capture your wedding from a wide perspective and have the flexibility to produce a more traditional album or can just as easily display your wedding with a stunning photojournalism style. It’s your wedding and it’s your choice.

Do you work with a "shot list"? 
A shot list is very important and we go into great detail with the bride and groom during the wedding planning stages as to “who is who” in the family and what else is important to the Bride and Groom. We have a detailed list of recommended photographs to help you decide on the perfect mix. However, using a “shot list” this does not limit our capturing of the spontaneous moments during your special day. The list prevents us from missing the favorite uncle from Australia.

Do you have a formal session
If your family is anything like ours, formal shots provide lasting memories of the family. All too often, families do not get together enough and formal shots are highly recommended. When else will the entire family be together? We can set them up and complete the photography session quicker than you think!

How many photographs do you shoot? 
Since we are using state of the art digital equipment we are not limited to a certain number of images. We would rather have too many photographs rather than disappoint the bride and groom with too few!

When will I get my photos? We can set the date for your review session when you secure our services. Most brides love to see their photographs as soon as they return from their honeymoon. Although we offer online galleries, they are not turned on until the Newlyweds have seen their photographs.

How do we book TriDuo?  We want to meet all our clients prior to booking,  please schedule an appointment by calling us at 757-623-0892 or e-mail (OurWedding@TriDuoPhotography.com) us your phone number with the best time to call you. Please include the date, time and location of your wedding so that we can verify our availability.